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Implants Vs. Bridgework and why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Implants Vs. Bridgework and why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Implants Vs. Bridgework and why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Each tooth plays a vital role in the structure of the mouth and in relationship to the remaining teeth. Leaving the space where a tooth once stood can have serious consequences. There are many reasons why missing teeth should be replaced as quickly as possible.

·       Speech: A missing tooth can negatively affect the way you speak, depending on its location.

·       Bite changes: The loss of one or more teeth can cause the redistribution of bite pressure onto other teeth. This puts more pressure on the remaining teeth than they are mechanically built to handle leading to premature wear or breakage. Over time, teeth can shift and move into the space the tooth once held creating uneven biting forces.

·       Gum disease: Shifting teeth can make it easier for plaque to accumulate in hard-to-reach places. This can increase the risk of gum disease, which can lead to additional tooth loss.

·       Bone loss: The teeth are place-holders in the jaw. When one falls out and is not replaced, the bone that once surrounded it begins to deteriorate and wears down.

·       Aesthetics: A missing tooth leaves a visible gap between the teeth and can be a source of embarrassment and insecurity.

Advancements in modern dentistry have made it easy to replace missing teeth using natural-looking and functioning prosthetics. Conventional bridges are one option. The teeth in front and back of the space are used as anchors and crowns are made for those teeth and a false middle tooth is connected to those two anchor crowns. The disadvantages are that you now have a three tooth prosthetic to service over time and if the anchor teeth don’t need crowns independently, then we are doing crowns unnecessarily on those teeth.  In addition, homecare is more difficult because you can’t floss conventionally and need to use special floss threaders to clean under the brdige. That is why we strongly prefer Dental implants as permanent solutions for replacing missing teeth when you have the proper bone in that area to place the implants into.  These implants serve as artificial tooth roots that fuse with the jaw over time. We then can attach implant posts and crowns onto those implant anchors. If any future maintenance is needed, you have a one tooth issue instead of a three tooth issue! When cared for properly, most dental implants can be fitted to last a lifetime. Implant surgery is a highly predictable service and is far less traumatic surgery than a tooth extraction!

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