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So You Think You Eat Healthy?

So You Think You Eat Healthy?

So you think you eat healthy?

It is unfortunate that so often what is healthy for us for one reason, can cause other negative health effects. There are also so many unscientifically based and improperly researched (if at all) diet and eating fads. The internet and TV are not research based informational resources!!

It is absolutely true and universal that one of the best changes you can make for health is the consumption of more fruits and vegetables, loaded with nutrients and tons of unidentified phytonutrients, antioxidants and fiber that helps prevent hosts of known diseases.  You CANNOT get all of this in a pill form, no matter what manufacturers claim!

Our concern at the NYC Smile Spa is that most fruits, some vegetables like tomatoes and especially juices are very acidic! Juicing especially puts one at risk for major dental decay from the acids. Now we encourage the healthy aspect of increased fruits so we just need to take some precautions.  The addition of adding lemon to your water or seltzer although tasty, immediately converts a neutral liquid into an acid wash for your mouth. Our recommendation is to immediately swish some water around your mouth for 15 seconds after any fruit or juice to wash away residue and start to neutralize your mouth. Chewing sugarless gum, especially xylitol gum (see xylitol blog) , right after will also help milk your salivary glands to bring the natural buffering properties of your saliva to neutralize your mouth back to normal and decrease your risk or acid erosion of your enamel. So just be aware and take these simple steps to have your fruit and not destroy your teeth at the same time!

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