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Xylitol, The Magic Sugar Substitute

Xylitol, The Magic Sugar Substitute

Xylitol, The Magic Sugar Substitute!

Many of you may have heard the buzz about the benefits of xylitol. If not, here’s the scoop! Xylitol is a natural plant based non calorie sugar substitute. It is a carbohydrate that is recognized as such by the bacteria in your mouth that metabolize carbs and then normally produce acids as their waste product leading to the demineralization (softening) of your enamel and after repeated attacks, cavity formation. Well, unlike other carbs and unlike other sugar substitutes, xylitol actually STOPS the acid formation from the pathologic bacteria in your mouth!! That’s the magic.

The best way to use xylitol is to get xylitol gum. After eating, snacking or drinking acidic beverages, you simply chew a piece of xylitol gum for two minutes to release it into your saliva and then you can spit it out. It then stays in your mouth during that dangerous time after eating and drinking when you often “acidify” your mouth and protects you until your natural saliva buffers your mouth back to a neutral state.

Because it is a natural ingredient and can’t be synthesized, it is not found in most over the counter gums. Trident makes one brand that states “with xylitol” but it is listed after mannitol on the ingredients and it a subtherapeutic amount.  One brand commonly found in health food stores or Whole foods is called Spry, but we don’t like that brand because the xylitol is sourced in China where regulations are sketchy regarding it’s purity and the amount per piece is less than we can find in safer American brands.

The source I recommend for my patients is www.carifree.com. You can buy a case of 20 ten packs.

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