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Are you happy with your Selfie?

Are you happy with your Selfie?

How are you presenting yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, dating sites etc.? Take a look back at photos of yourself. Do you smile fully? Are you proud of your smile? Are you subconsciously hiding your teeth? You may be doing this because there is something you would like to change about them. Does your smile look it’s best? Maybe some whitening is in order? Maybe Invisalign to straighten your smile? Maybe a smile makeover with Porcelain Veneers for your ultimate smile?

Do you know that multiple studies have shown that one of the first things people look at when meeting another person is their smile? In addition, people with healthy and attractive smiles are perceived to be more honest, friendly and intelligent! People want to do business and be with other people whom they like, trust and respect. Therefore a healthy and attractive smile can open doors for you both professionally and personally.

In over 36 years of practice, I have witnessed many patients whom once they optimized their smile used it as a springboard for improvement. I’ve seen that first step then lead to weight loss, better personal hygiene, new hairstyles, better fashionable personal dress and an overall boost in confidence. I’ve witnessed more forward personalities blooming from this increased self-confidence.

 Don’t let your smile hold back your success in life. Put your best smile forward and call your dentist or

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